Elemental Acupuncture & Integrative Health is located in Cowichan Valley, Duncan BC. In person & virtual appointments available.

We are more than just the sum of our parts.

We are beautiful complex creatures who want to express our true nature physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

It’s the thought above that inspired the creation of Elemental Acupuncture.

Acupuncture & Bodywork, Cupping and LED Light Therapy. Located on the traditional territory of the Salt Water People, Quw’utsun (Cowichan Tribes).

Meet Shannan Hazard

B.SC Psych, R.A

Our founder on her journey to her own inner healer.

I spent the next three years of school in a bit of a “Dark Night of the Soul”.  I began to excavate the ways in which my own spirit had self preserved to keep me alive. Three autoimmune diseases were identified, acting as gatekeepers to my own true nature. With the help of acupuncture and various amazing practitioners, teachers, and mentors over the years – I worked to gain a vast knowledge on the subject of self preservation, along with the various ways that our bodies protect ourselves.

I was born and raised in Lheidli T’enneh territory – also known as Prince George, BC. Some may say just being raised in a place like this would make us need to self preserve. After a tumultuous childhood my survivor’s guilt drove me to obtain a degree and work in Social Work. My empathic nature, however, had other plans.

In and out of burnout and several family services and counseling roles, finally my body said “no more”. The first autoimmune dis-ease came five years into my social work career. I refer to it as dis-ease because I truly believe we can heal the wounds triggering our bodies to attack themselves, and that a lack of ease and peace within is at the root of much disease. My unwavering desire to be in a helping role lead to an additional autoimmune dis-ease, and then one more. Autoimmunity likes friends. This led me to a full year of healing and understanding that without healing my own traumas and wounds, I would continue to burn out and be of no help to anyone – especially to myself.

I tried everything, working with my intuition to determine what worked and what did not, trying to let myself ‘be’ instead of ‘do’ for as long as I could.

I was guided to acupuncture by powers outside of my scope of awareness and was really given no other choice but to explore it. I was in school for something completely different at the time. One day – knowing nothing about acupuncture – I walked up to Administration and changed my major.

Acupuncture was the thing that led me home to myself. Yes it’s great for shoulder pain, but let me tell you that it’s even better at dredging up those things that are holding us back from our fullest potential! The journey is not an easy one – and to be honest it’s not one that I think we ever finish completely. However we are able, with attention and intention, to become more and more fully who we are.


“Acupuncture is this for me – the way home. A path to be my fullest self.”

Meet Jennifer Lines

Student acupunturist & student of life.

Hello there, it is a pleasure to be here. My name is Jennifer Lines, and I am a student acupuncturist, gratefully working under Shannan’s guidance as part of my clinical experience in my final years of training. I have come upon this path after I had a lifechanging experience with acupuncture and TCM 10 years ago and have been enamoured by this medicine ever since.

I have done an exceptional amount of extracurricular studying usually reserved as optional post graduate studies, to help satisfy my curiosity about the different modalities, treatment styles and how they can influence different aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. I currently have specialized training in fertility, support for pregnancy, post-partum, and psycho-emotional health.

My background is in physical wellness and nutrition, as I’ve been a personal trainer, spin instructor and nutritional consultant for the past 10 years. There was always a large piece missing for me when I was helping clients, and I knew that the ailments they were coming to me for had deeper underlying causes, that I was not certified or equipped to help with. When I had my daughter a couple of years ago, I knew I didn’t want to raise her in a world where I was too afraid to work towards my goals. I wanted to be a role model for her, so she can also feel empowered to chase her dreams. I feel so aligned with this work, and I am so grateful to finally be living out the path that I am meant to be on. I can also wholeheartedly say, I would not be here if it were not for the power of acupuncture. It sure it amazing.

I look forward to meeting you and I am grateful to be of service.

This practice has evolved to revolve around the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Experience our method in person at Elemental Acupuncture & Integrative Health. We work with clients from Victoria to Nanaimo and beyond Vancouver Island both in person as well as through virtual consults.

The Eigh Extraordinary Meridians are the meridians that come through at conception. They are our framework for this lifetime. We each have deep lessons and patterns that we are given in this life and these meridians are our direct access points to these patterns allowing us to work on them at a soul level bringing them to consciousness.

Our passion is navigating the ways that we have learned to self preserve. Whether it be addictions, anxiety, autoimmunity, mental health, nervous system deregulation -among many other forms. We find that navigating with someone else can oftentimes lead to potent healing on its own and create lasting change.

We hope this can aid you in connecting with the fullest expression of you.

The world needs us in all of our unique beauty.

I suffer from PMDD, and Jen has been instrumental in helping me to regulate my menstrual cycle and manage my symptoms.

"She exudes warmth and compassion and I have felt so supported and held throughout my healing journey with her. She has truly been a lifeline for me, and I cannot express how grateful I am to have found her."

I was a little sceptical of acupuncture - until I met Jen.

"I’ve been seeing Jen for 6 months now and going through fertility struggles is tough, but after finding Jen it has made this process a lot less scary. Just having someone who is not only an amazing acupuncturist but a constant support and wealth of knowledge has made this whole process manageable. If you are like me and are unsure if acupuncture can actually help or your nervous, go see Jen she is 100% honest, awesome bedside presence and will set your mind at complete ease! Can’t recommend her enough!"

I’ve only seen Jen for acupuncture treatments a few times now but I’ll be a forever client.

"She is so knowledgeable and is committed to treating her clients as a whole, discovering the true root cause of any symptoms and then treating accordingly. I always leave feeling so much more connected with myself and SO good on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual. Her treatments as a whole have been a guiding light for me on the current path I’m on - can’t wait for more."