Elemental Acupuncture & Integrative Health is located in Cowichan Valley, Duncan BC. In person & virtual appointments available.

Essentially Chinese Medicine has stayed true to its roots.

Acupuncture treats holistically both the symptoms (branch) and the underlying imbalance (root).

Getting to the root with Acupuncture

At Elemental Acupuncture our focus is the root cause of dis-ease or disharmony in the body.

Symptoms are important information but not the focus. An example would be coming into the clinic for depression and wanting to treat the fatigue and brain fog associated with your depression. At Elemental Acupuncture we would be focused on trying to help you untangle your relationship with the dis-ease in your body so that you can take your power and sovereignty back and be the key player again in your own life. The fatigue and brain fog will be very important information as that is where your body is telling you to start your journey.

My own focus for the clinic is in internal medicine (autoimmunity, fertility, hormone issues, chronic stress conditions, centralized sensitivity syndromes, among others) and mental and spiritual health. We have a view of mental health in the western world as a disorder of the brain. However in my own experience both personally and professionally, it is much much more complicated than that. The complications have immense social implications and political influences.

Our current system of supporting our deepest struggles and traumas looks like someone telling you that you have something fundamentally wrong with you and then giving you a medication which 20% of the time at best helps the struggle and allows you to live a full life, leaving you powerless and dependent on the system. This dis-harmony lies in the body. It lies in the beautiful ways in which we have learned to protect ourselves and our gifts.

Acupuncture and in particular the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, are an effective way of exploring the unconscious parts of ourselves and integrating them in the body, bringing us closer to wholeness. This type of work requires a little bit of self awareness and readiness. It requires the readiness to reach into the ways we project our pain onto others, the ways we project our pain onto ourselves and the willingness to look at split ego states that we have created to survive. This type of treatment is fundamental for our healing. Rebuilding the foundations of who we are, giving the love we wished to have been given to us to ourselves, and taking back our sovereignty leads us to being whole humans which leads to more compassion and love, more joy and connection to nature.

Exploring these shadow parts with gentleness and grace will lead to the freedom you wish to feel.

– Shannan Hazard, B.SC Psych, R.Ac

Chinese Medicine is an ancient holistic healing modality that dates back thousands of years.

It outlines our energetic makeup and can unravel complex health patterns leaving patients feeling empowered and in control of their own healing.

Most people discover acupuncture and its many benefits when looking to manage pain syndromes, which it is really great at doing. In traditional Chinese medicine we treat the branch – which is the physical symptoms that we can see in the body, and what we call the root- which is the deeper reason why those symptoms are occuring. We treat the body, mind and spirit as one.

Please note that we do mostly direct billing so no payment is required if you have full coverage with one of the listed insurance companies below:

The Great West Life Assurance Company, Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Sunlife Financial, Desjardins Insurance, IA Financial Group, Johnson, Johnston Group, Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, CINUP, Cowan, First Canadian Insurance Company, Group Health Benefit Solutions, Group Source, Manion, and Maximum Benefit, The Co-operators and all insurance companies covered under the Claimsxchange.

Most of the insurance companies have 80% to 100% coverage. It is a good idea to check in with them regarding deductibles and amount of coverage before your appointment.

MSP covers $17 of 10 acupuncture treatments a year. ICBC covers initial and subsequent visits after accidents and it is covered under most benefit plans.

Payment methods include cash, e-transfer, or cheque.

At Elemental Acupuncture our focus is the root cause of dis-ease or disharmony in the body.

Things that we might explore in one of your treatment sessions:

Parts we create to self preserve.

For example we might look at the ways in which you self sabotage, creating imbalances like autoimmunity (which is the energy of us fighting ourselves). Bringing these parts to our consciousness can help us to reclaim and heal them.

Patterns or beliefs blocking fertility.

Because we do a lot of fertility here at Elemental, one of our favourite treatments is diving into the unconscious beliefs or patterns that may be preventing you from becoming a mother.

Embracing your sensitivities.

Tuning into and embracing our own innate sensitivities and creating space for those sensitivities in our lives.

Unpacking your relationship to pain.

Looking at those parts that may want to hold on to our current situation out of safety and fear. Where are we blocking ourselves from love, joy, and self compassion?

Exploring self protectors & their impact.

Looking at self protectors like judgment, sensory sensitivities, manipulation and digestive problems (Gu syndrome in Chinese Medicine).

Accessing your gifts.

Unwinding your own intuitive gifts and helping you to utilize them in a clear way.

Energetic attachments.

Unwinding any attachments energetically that may be preventing you from being a sovereign person.

Ancestral lineage repair work.

Helping you to explore and put down those ways of being that have come through your ancestry. This is a deeper way of working with generational trauma and epigenetics.

We use a combination of needle work with energy work.  Each treatment will incorporate flower essences as these subtle vibrational medicines can really gently help to unravel these complex health states in a sustainable and easily integrated way.  We use moxa to help clear the energy from the body.  If felt called we may include other modalities like sound, herbal medicine and movement. 

There is a focus on safe embodiment practices inviting you to come home to your body in a gentle way.


The Eight Extraordinary Vessels

What are they and why are they a vital part of your healing journey?

For those of you who like a bit of science in your back pocket…

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released a report called “Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials.”

Below is a list of the conditions mentioned in that report. It’s important to note that there are many additional conditions which centuries of empirical data have shown acupuncture treats effectively, but there is little or no modern western research yet.

Psychological Conditions

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • OCD

  • PTSD

  • Somatization disorder

  • Hypersomnia

  • Insomnia

Neurological Conditions

  • Headache and migraine
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Facial palsy (early stage, within three to six months)
  • Paresis following stroke
  • Peripheral neuropathies
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Nocturnal enuresis
  • Cervicobrachial syndrome
  • Neurogenic bladder dysfunction
  • Intercostal neuralgia
  • Disc problems

Musculo-skeletal Conditions

  • Muscle pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness
  • Localized traumatic injuries, sprains, strains, tendinitis, contractures
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Work and sports related injuries
  • Low back and/or neck strain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • “Frozen shoulder”, “tennis elbow”
  • Sciatica

Respiratory System Conditions

  • Acute sinusitis

  • Acute rhinitis

  • Common cold and allergies*

  • Acute tonsillitis

  • Acute bronchitis

  • Bronchial asthma

Conditions of the Eye, Ear, Nose & Mouth

  • Acute conjunctivitis

  • Central retinitis

  • Myopia (in children)

  • Cataract (without complications)

  • Toothaches, post extraction pain

  • Gingivitis

  • Acute and chronic pharyngitis

Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • Spasms of esophagus and cardiac

  • Irritable bowel and colitis

  • Gastroptosis

  • Acute and chronic gastritis

  • Gastric hyperacidity (i.e. acid reflux)

  • Chronic duodenal ulcer (pain relief)

  • Acute duodenal ulcer (without complication)

  • Acute and chronic colitis

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Acute bacillary dysentery

  • Paralytic ileus

Gynecological Conditions

  • Infertility 

  • Amenorrhea

  • PMS

  • Dysmenorrhea

  • Menopause syndrome

  • Benign irregular menstruation

  • Benign amenorrhea

Cardiovascular Conditions

  • Essential hypertension

Other Conditions

  • Withdrawal from street and pharmacological drugs

  • Appetite suppression

I suffer from PMDD, and Jen has been instrumental in helping me to regulate my menstrual cycle and manage my symptoms.

"She exudes warmth and compassion and I have felt so supported and held throughout my healing journey with her. She has truly been a lifeline for me, and I cannot express how grateful I am to have found her."

I was a little sceptical of acupuncture - until I met Jen.

"I’ve been seeing Jen for 6 months now and going through fertility struggles is tough, but after finding Jen it has made this process a lot less scary. Just having someone who is not only an amazing acupuncturist but a constant support and wealth of knowledge has made this whole process manageable. If you are like me and are unsure if acupuncture can actually help or your nervous, go see Jen she is 100% honest, awesome bedside presence and will set your mind at complete ease! Can’t recommend her enough!"

I’ve only seen Jen for acupuncture treatments a few times now but I’ll be a forever client.

"She is so knowledgeable and is committed to treating her clients as a whole, discovering the true root cause of any symptoms and then treating accordingly. I always leave feeling so much more connected with myself and SO good on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual. Her treatments as a whole have been a guiding light for me on the current path I’m on - can’t wait for more."